AMF Optics fabricates spherical lenses from 0.250"Ø to 8"Ø using materials such as BK-7 to Excimer Grade Fused Silica. Surface finishes are usually 1/10λ spherical and/or 1/10λ flat with 20/10 or better scratch & dig.
Plano/Concave & Plano/Convex cylinder lenses with dimensions of 2" Ø , 2" x 2" square, and 3" x 3" square are fabricated on a daily basis. The material used is primarily Suprasil® 2. Standard tolerances are 1/4λ with 40/20 scratch and dig, but tighter tolerances can be met. We stock a number of different cylindrical and spherical lenses, and we would be happy to quote on any custom lens requirement
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